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Two Upcoming Workshops in Ancient Philosophy

Instead of giving you yet another report about my ongoing project on the physiology of character in Aristotle this week, I would like to make use of this opportunity to announce two upcoming workshops in ancient philosophy that I have been (co-)organizing. Both events involve mostly junior scholars and promise to offer a lot of time for discussion and informal exchange. If you are interested in participating in any of these, just drop me an email, and I would be happy to provide more information.

(1) Workshop on Material/Teleological Explanation in Aristotle
Friday, February 25, 2011; Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC

Session 1: material and teleological explanation in Aristotle’s natural treatises and its roots in Plato

10.00-11.10     David Ebrey (Northwestern University): ‘Making Room for Matter’

11.20-12.30     Devin Henry (University of Western Ontario): ‘Optimality and Teleology in Ancient Greek Science’

12.30-1.30        Lunch

Session 2: material and teleological explanation in Aristotle’s Politics and its roots in Plato

1.30-2.40         Kevin Cherry (University of Richmond): ‘Aristotle on Teleology and Plato’s Political Thought’

2.50-4.00           Mariska Leunissen (CHS/Washington University in St. Louis): ‘Citizens as matter: the shaping of human bodies in Aristotle’s Politics’

(2) 34th Ancient Philosophy Workshop
March 3-5, 2011; Washington University in St. Louis
Co-organized with Eric Brown (WUSTL Philosophy) and Bob Lamberton (WUSTL Classics)

(note: schedule is still subject to change)

Thursday March 3 – Pre-Workshop Event                          Wilson Hall 214
4.15-6.00 PM Philosophy Department Colloquium
Title: Moral Motivation and the Art of Living
Speaker: Rachel Barney (University of Toronto)
6.00 PM Wine & Cheese Reception

Friday March 4

9.00-9.30 AM Refreshments & Welcome
9.30-12.00 Morning Sessions
Chair: Bob Lamberton, Washington University in St. Louis
9.30-10.45 ‘The Ally of Reason’: Plato on Spirited Desire and Cognition
Speaker: Joshua Wilburn, University of Victoria
Comments: Emily Austin, Wake Forest University
10.50-12.00 Plato, Relativity and Symposium 199c3-201c12
Speaker: Matthew Duncombe, University of Cambridge
Comments: Jonathan Nelson, St. Louis University
12.00-1.15 PM Lunch
1.15-6.00 Afternoon Sessions
Chair: Peter Larsen, Trinity College Dublin
1.15-2.30 Aristotle’s Epistemology and Knowledge of the Particulars
Speaker: Riin Sirkel, University of Alberta
Comments: Gregory Salmieri, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2.35-3.50 Aristotle on Existence
Speaker: Philip Corkum, University of Alberta
Comments: Robin Smith, Texas A&M University
Keynote Address
Chair: Eric Brown, Washington University in St. Louis
4.00-6.00 Plato and the Intellectualist Hypothesis
Speaker: Rachel Barney
7.00 PM Reception/Buffet Dinner

Saturday March 5

9.30-12.00 Morning Sessions
Chair: Allan Gotthelf, University of Pittsburgh
9.30-10.45 What’s the Point of Teleological Explanation?
Speaker: Jessica Gelber, University of California, Berkeley
Comments: Devin Henry, University of Western Ontario
10.50-12.00 The Principle of Separation in Aristotle’s Biology
Speaker: Sean Coughlin, University of Western Ontario
Comments: Keith Bemer, University of Pittsburgh
12.00-1.30 PM Lunch
1.30-6.45 Afternoon Sessions
Chair: Matthew Evans, New York University
1.30-2.45 Explanation in the Epistemology of the Meno
Speaker: Whitney Schwab, Princeton University
Comments: Holly Moore, Luther College
2.50-4.05 Gorgias and the Normativity of Language
Speaker: Juan Pablo Bermúdez Rey, University of Toronto
Comments: David Riesbeck, University of Texas at Austin
4.05-4.30 PM Break with refreshments
Chair: Steve White, University of Texas at Austin
4.30-5.45 Melissus on Pain
Speaker: Ivan Heyman, University of Texas at Austin
Comments: Dhananjay Jagannathan, University of Cambridge
Founders’ Address
5.50-6.45 Xenophanes and his Cloud-Astrophysics in Aristophanes’ Clouds
Speaker: Alexander P.D. Mourelatos (University of Texas at Austin)

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