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Abstract | Lysistrata(s): Aristophanes to Spike Lee

Modern reworkings of ancient drama offer a valuable interpretative and didactic lens through which scholars can re-examine issues and themes of ancient plays. This paper analyzes some correspondences and divergences between Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and Spike Lee’s film Chi-Raq (2015) to demonstrate that not only does Lee’s film make the ancient world relevant by re-envisioning Aristophanes’ play for modern audiences, but it also draws attention to issues inherent in the play itself by recasting them in a modern context.

About Caroline Stark

Caroline Stark (PhD Yale) is Assistant Professor of Classics at Howard University. Her research interests include ancient cosmology, anthropology, ethnography, and the reception of classical antiquity in later periods and other cultures, especially Medieval and Renaissance Europe/Mediterranean and contemporary African, Caribbean, and African-American Literature. For recent publications, see her page on academia.edu. At the CHS, she will be continuing her research on ancient stories of creation and their reception in the intellectual and cultural history of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and she will be creating on an online resource for Black Classicism and receptions of the ancient Mediterranean in Black World Studies.

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