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Abstract | Swelling Women: Formulaics in the Hesiodic Catalogue

This paper examines a formulaic phrase in the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, ἣ δ’ ὑποκυσαμένη.  While its context in the fragments of that text is difficult to determine, an examination of its appearances in Homer and the Theogony reveals that it regularly appears following a description of an extraordinary or noteworthy union.  I argue that the formula belongs, like the phrase e hoie itself, to the traditional poetics of genealogy and woman-catalogue, incorporated into the Hesiodic tradition as a discourse marker that resumes the genealogy following the sexual encounter.  As a way of describing the women of genealogy and catalogue, however, the phrase compresses their role, highlighting instead the fathers and sons on either side of them.

About Athena Kirk

Athena Kirk (PhD UC Berkeley) is Assistant Professor of Classics at Cornell University. Her research concentrates broadly on Greek literature and epigraphy, with special focus on the intersections of literary and documentary cultures in Classical Athens and the functions of ancient written text. She has written articles on Herodotus, Homer, and Greek conceptions of inscriptions; at CHS, she will be working on her first monograph, The Tally of Text: Catalogues and Inventories Across Greek Literature and Epigraphy.

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